Fight It With Farming

Food scarcity. Water shortages. Eroding, depleted soils. Species collapse. Pesticides in our water and our bodies. These are not the inevitable costs of human progress. They’re side effects of our broken industrial food system.

The good news is, we can fight back with organic farming.

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Cultivating Change: Our Campaigns

Future Farmers

Modern agriculture is at a tipping point. More than 93 million acres of farmland are about to change hands, and a generation of farmers is ready to retire. What if the next generation went organic?

Let’s Reshape the Future of Farming

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One Degree of Change

The earth is warming. The problem is, most of us can’t comprehend what even a 1° rise in global temperature would mean for the planet, our lives, and our future.

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Seeds of Change: Rodale Institute

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Leading the fight for organics since 1947

Since 1947, the Rodale Institute has been researching organic farming, pioneering new techniques, and sharing our findings with scientists, policymakers, farmers and consumers throughout the world. Our Farming Systems Trial, the longest-running side-by-side comparison of chemical and organic agriculture in the U.S., has proven that organic farming can meet or beat chemical farming crop yields while creating healthier soils and food. Our training and support programs have helped hundreds of farmers make the switch to organics.

It’s all part of our belief that organic farming is key to a healthy future for humanity and for the planet. Isn’t it time to reenvision the future of farming?