One degree of change makes a lasting impact

The earth is warming. The problem is, most of us can’t comprehend what even a 1° rise in global temperature would mean for the planet, our lives, and our future.

Consider for a moment

A one degree rise in global temperature could be devastating. It means fertile farmland turns to deserts. It means lakes and rivers dry up. Fresh water becomes scarce. It means glaciers and polar ice caps disappear. Sea levels rise. Droughts become longer. Heatwaves become the norm. Extreme weather events become commonplace. Food chains are disrupted. Entire species die off.

Yet, there is one simple thing you can do—support organic farmers.

Let’s explore…


01 // Research & Innovation

Pioneering research & practical solutions

Your gift to Rodale Institute helps us conduct organic research and develop game-changing organic farming practices.

This means that you can empower farmers with the knowledge and skills they need to transition to an all-organic model, called Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

This simple, effective, natural method of farming actually removes carbon from the atmosphere and puts it back into the soil through a process called carbon sequestration. This creates healthier soil, healthier food, and reduces (or even reverses!) the impact of global warming.

How regenerative organic agriculture removes carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in the soil


02 // Empowering Farmers

Rethinking the way farmers work

Organic farming is good for farmers, good for your food, and good for the planet.

Rather than using yields as the only measure of success, organic farmers strive to cultivate healthy soil. To do this, farmers use cover crops, skillful crop-rotation, natural compost as fertilizer, reduced soil tillage, and promote biodiversity on their farms.

Our Farming Systems Trial—the longest running scientific study comparing organic and conventional agriculture in North America—has proven there is no significant difference in crop yields between methods. In fact, as we face more extreme weather such as drought and flooding, organic farming is a far more viable method.


03 // Fight Global Warming

You can make a difference

Support organic farming and fight climate change!

Industrial agriculture is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Yet, there is hope right beneath our feet. The solution is radically simple: Organic Farming.

Not business as usual farming. But rather, farming like the Earth matters. Farming like water and soil and land matter. Farming like clean air matters. Farming like human health, animal health, and ecosystem health matters. Farming in a way that restores our soil’s natural ability to hold carbon.

Your support for Rodale Institute helps farmers transition to organic practices and mitigates the impacts of global warming. Just one degree of change can make all the difference.

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